25% right issue of Synergy finance commencing from today ; Check your eligibilty here

25% right...

Synergy Finance is providing 25% right offers to its investors from Ashadh 25, 2075 i.e. today. The issue will last till Shrawan 27, 2075. The finance company is issuing 11,86,022.47 unit right offers to its investors at a face value of Rs 100. 

Prabhu Capital has been delegated as the issue manager for the right issuance. 

With the end goal of the right share issuance, the shareholders book had shut on Jestha 30, 2075 i.e. the investors holding shares of the organization till Jestha 29 are qualified to get the right offers. Since its trading has been suspended since Ashwin 26, 2074 because of acquisition from Best Finance Company Limited (BFC), investors with shares exchanged until Ashwin 25, 2074 are qualified to apply for the correct offers. 

After the capitalization of 25% right offers, the paid-up capital of the organization will hike to Rs 59.30 crore from the current Rs 47.44 crore. The paid-up capital of the entity will meet the required capital after the acquisition at swap ratio 1:1 

Check your eligibility here : Right Share Eligibility Synergy Finance

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