Is NCC Bank making a bounce back ?

Is NCC Ban...

NCC Bank had almost been a synonym for poor management, be it in terms of conducting an AGM, or governance or providing return to shareholders.

The shareholders holding the shares straight from the time of IPO haven't got plenty of opportunities to enjoy the dividend. Further, the clashes between large shareholders group and issue arising from merger have left the retail shareholders in trouble.

However, the recent reports published by the company are giving new lights of hope. Today the company has published the Q3 report, and it shows a growth of 31% in net profit. The net interest income has significantly increased and NPL are on a downtrend. The cost of fund is decreasing and the CCD shows that the company still have room for lending.

In terms of ratios, the company has an annualized EPS of Rs 22.11 . Whereas the net-worth is astounding Rs 174.66. Based on the ratios, one can compare this bank with well established banks. And also can become an attraction for investors seeking for decent returns at low price range.

However, the company is yet to meet the 8 arba paid-up requirement and is yet to conduct AGM for last 2 FY. Though the report may look attractive for the shareholders, Good management and governance is still needed for the company.

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