Kalika Microcredit records a Net profit growth of decent 16.26% ; EPS at Rs 25.99

Kalika Mic...

The newly licensed National level microfinance company, Kalika Micro-credit has published the final quarter report for the fy 2074/75.

As per the report, the microfinance company has earned a net profit of Rs 2.59 crores up from Rs 2.23 crores last year. This shows a decent growth of 16.26% . The rise in Net profit was largely contributed by the surge in the Net Interest Income. The Net interest Income of the company surged by 30.78%. The company's other operating expense decreased from Rs 4.93 crores last year to Rs 3.20 crores this year. 

A significant increase of 59.89% was noticed in the staff expense where it escalated to Rs 4.60 crores. The company has provisioned Rs 1.73 crores for possible losses whereas a writeback of Rs 67.19 lakh was done. 

Kalika Microcredit currently has a paid up capital of Rs 10 crores with a reserve of Rs 5.73 crores. The company has borrowed Rs 58.94 crores in the fiscal year, up from Rs 38.49 crores in the last year. In terms of lending, a growth of 56.77% was recorded as the company has lent Rs 1.20 arba this year. 


Major Indicators : 

Earning per shares (EPS)                : Rs 25.99

Price to earning ratio (P/E Ratio)     : 51.60 times 

Networth per Share                          : Rs 157.31

Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)        : 12.96%

P/B Ratio                                          : 8.50 times

NPL                                                  : 1.64 %


Positive Sides

  • Decent groth in Net profit
  • Significant Increase in Net Interest Income
  • Huge Reserves
  • Timely meeting of Capital requirement


Negative Sides

  • Significant increase in staff expense
  • Tight CAR
  • Slight Increase in Non-performing loan


(Disclaimer : The published report is just unaudited 4th quarter report, the final audited balance-sheet may vary. Thus, investors are suggested to make their investment decisions based on their risk bearing capacity. )  


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